If you have read my blogs you will know about the trip we took to the Mediterranean. I wrote a letter to the cruise lines and told them about my daughters and about my dancer, Lisa. We were treated like royalty on that cruise and it is something we will never forget. Another cruise, another letter. We were able to take a cruise in Oct. We sailed on Carnival to Ensenada and Catalina. We have taken this trip many times but it is both affordable and fun for the girls, so we decided to make that our fall trip. I … Continue reading IT STARTS WITH A LETTER


You must take a drive to Glacier Point and try to time it for an hour before sunset. If your lucky sometimes the Dome will turn yellow and it is a most amazing site. I said, girls, lets go for a drive to Glacier Point. Because of low funds we are trying to do something fun each Sunday that only requires gas money and possibly a little food or picnic. Of course they agree because they know how crazy their mom needs to be and how antsy she gets sitting around. If you go from Fresno area you will get … Continue reading GLACIER POINT WITH THE LADIES


Let me take you to one of our favorite United States cities. New York is a wonderful place to visit and I am going to give you a few of our favorite things to do. We have been to New York City 3 times. I plan out a detailed itinerary with the idea that things may change along the way. I am going to list a few places and their cost. Then I will list some ideas you can research on your own and choose which is best for you or for your family. If you are disabled or have … Continue reading NEW YORK WITH THE LADIES


Here we go again. My life is a roller coaster of emotions. You would think at the age of 70 I would learn to get off the ride. Most likely a personality disorder. On a more serious note last week my ride was going down hill fast. I wanted to get off but couldn’t find the energy. I missed a gathering that brought up all kinds of pain that I thought I was done with. Rejection, bitterness, anger and even hate. And of course that all leads back to my personal guilt about everything. If you want to ask me, … Continue reading HERE WE GO AGAIN GOD


SHE MADE IT…Tanya was chosen to attend Northern California Special Olympic State Games. These were held at UC Davis, in Davis, Calif. This girl was so excited. She practiced hard and won two gold, a bronze and a participation ribbon. I was so proud of her and all she was able to accomplish. You would think the golds made me the proudest, but it was actually the participation ribbon. She was disqualified in the 50 yard Breaststroke. When you are swimming for all your worth and you have practiced for months being disqualified is tough. It happened because she didn’t … Continue reading SHE WON!


I had a lot of trauma/drama this past year and it’s still going on. So I told the Lord, I didn’t ask to be Job. Can you please choose someone else. Then I realized no on wants to be Job and many people have way more trauma/drama than I do. Of course it is all relevant to each of us. But what is the answer? The Bible says you will have trials and tribulation. BUT…I come to give you PEACE. Is this the answer? Peace is a gift. We have to accept it. Or we can refuse it and wallow … Continue reading TRAUMA/DRAMA OR PEACE


Well, did I get your attention?  Did you think I was being sacrilegious? Well I’m not. I am just describing how hard it is for us humans to wait on God. Sometimes you just have to laugh at his timing and our personal worries, when in reality He has it all done for us. As most of you know I lost a big chunk of income one year ago. The first few months, okay lots of months, I fretted and moaned and was angry at everyone, even God. How could he abandon me and the girls. I just couldn’t understand. … Continue reading WAIT ON GOD! HA!


I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My first reaction was to tell my daughter she was out of program. Then I started analyzing the situation and realized there was no way she said this. What do you do when you special needs daughter is accused wrongly for an innocent comment? This happens all the time to special needs people. Sometimes it even happens with me as a mother. I misunderstand an innocent comment. People with disabilities often have a hard time with comprehension and saying what they actually mean. Often they will lie because they think that is … Continue reading SHE SAID WHAT!


A life well lived is the best revenge. Someone told me this once and I recently had to bring it back to mind. You see, I want revenge. I want the other person to suffer. I think this is human nature but not always acceptable behavior. So in my quest to seek revenge, sitting and hoping that “karma” would help out, I decided that not only is it not healthy to think this, but it is wrong. The Lord says we are to leave revenge to the Lord. He is the ultimate judge and when we seek revenge we are … Continue reading A LIFE WELL LIVED